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    "NEW DORP. NEW YORK" ft. Ezra Koenig

    SBTRKT says: 

    "So, this one features Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend, and it was probably the last track I wrote on the record. It came at the tail-end of a bunch of studio sessions where—and this sounds a bit fancy—I kind of went around the world traveling and doing studio sessions in different places.

    "I started in the UK, then went to LA, and then did a couple in New York in Downtown Studios and worked with a few different people, but this track basically was the last one that came out of that. It's got a kind of rappy sound to it. I had never met Ezra before and we were talking about some of the other collaborators and artists on the album—the song with A$AP Ferg and another with Raury from Atlanta—and the fact that I'd basically done a couple of rap tunes.

    It's kind of my ode to New York with Ezra's lyrical idea on it.

    "Then Ezra was telling me about how he used to be a rapper in school. So basically he came and gave us all these lyrics, these raps he'd written, and from that came this song, which probably doesn't sound anything like what it should have sounded like. It's kind of my ode to New York with Ezra's lyrical idea on it. I didn't know what New Dorp was when he first said it, but then I found out it's a small place in Staten Island. Then I realized a friend of mine actually grew up there and went to school in New Dorp. So we have this weird relationship where somewhere along the line this music is tied to real life somewhere. I like that.

    "The other singer on the song is Caroline Polachek from Chairlift, who ties into another song on the album. One thing I tried to do on the last record and this one is tie the strands together, get someone else from another part of the record to be involved in a song that they might not have actually been there when we were writing. I try and really mold a record together and build multiple layers.

    "The other important thing to say is that I'll only do collaborations by starting in the studio with someone from scratch. So, for this song there was nothing when we sat in the studio and then he had a vocal idea and I had a kick drum and that's kind of where it came from. I played one bass note and expanded on that."