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    On mastering Wonder Where We Land

    SBTRKT says:

    "I started mastering this stuff at home on my computer, but the right master engineer can bring a new perspective. On the first album, I had a guy called Neil from The Exchange in London, and he's done albums like The xx records and he did the classic Daft Punk album—the first two records. Sadly he passed away about two years ago. I was looking for something different on this record, and I started out with a UK engineer but the songs ended ups sounding quite clinical.

    "It's weird, you wouldn't think mastering would make that much difference to music, but it can be like night and day. I wanted to make this album sound really punchy and it just clicked for me that there is a difference between a UK master engineer and a US one. So I took the approach of listening to people who Kanye or Drake would master with and seeing what that would sound like.

    "Obviously, they cost millions of dollars—basically that's the reason their albums sounds like they do—but actually we found this guy called Vlado Meller who mastered the entire record. He's based in New York and he did Kanye's Yeezus album and has an A-Z of classic records. It was just like night and day compared to the other mastering, this came out super punchy in all the details, in the bass, in the treble, and it just gave the album a more immersive feeling.

    It seems important to tell people that. I wanted as much attention to that sonic, to feel like the song is presented in the best way possible sonically, not just musically."

    Listen to the entire album below and buy it here.