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    "Temporary View" ft. Sampha

    SBTRKT says:

    "This one's called 'Temporary View' and it features Sampha who I've known for six or seven years now—we've kind of always worked together. The premise of every track we ever do together is that we just do anything rather than repeating ourselves. We like experimenting and messing about with keyboards and synths and drums and vocals, and neither of us have a clue what we're gonna do in the studio. Generally we just jam stuff out like that.

    "This is actually one I wasn't totally sure I was going to put on the record because it ties into a bunch of EP tracks I did before called Transitions. Weirdly, everyone says, 'Oh, you just stuck a vocal on this old beat,' but the vocal was done before the EP track instrumental. I kind of released them the wrong way round, so people always think the opposite is true."