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    "Voices in My Head" ft. A$AP Ferg

    SBTRKT says:

    "I asked Stella from Warpaint to come in and play this drum riff, so she came and jammed some drum ideas for this track I'd been working on. I don't really ever use big studios because I feel a bit uncomfortable, but I had the pleasure of using this really nice mixing desk. I've been reading about Abbey Road, and those kind of records, that were made on these amazing quality desks.

    "We managed to patch up this drum kit through it, so i really wanted to record the drums so I could put it on the album. That was one part, and then Emily from Warpaint did this weird hypnotic vocal thing on top. So I had that base and I took that to New York and Ferg literally jumped in and said, "Well this is the one I want to work with." We took it from there and intertwined what I had with Ferg's part. I think it's the first time I've ever heard Ferg actually fully singing which is kind of interesting."