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    "Wonder Where We Land" ft. Sampha

    SBTRKT says:

    "This is another one with Sampha. It's a 3 a.m. in the morning jam. It was really strange, because it was raining like crazy and then we could hear these owls in the distance but there was nothing there! There was literally nothing for five miles each side.

    "I brought these films with me, these animations by this French guy in the '70s called René Laloux. There's a film called Fantastic Planet, well La Planète Sauvage really, as it's called in French, but it's this amazing sci-fi thing about a human race who meets these aliens and what happens between them. It's got this sci-fi feel, a mixture of futurism and a sort of tribal thing going on. That film was projecting in the studio from these mini projectors plugged into my laptop onto this weird glass bit in the middle. It went off the glass weirdly and just started shining all over the room.

    "So I have myself in one room playing the synth, if I remember correctly, and then Sampha was in the middle... Actually no, I was on the piano, Sampha was on the synth, and Tic was sitting and playing a Tempest drum machine in the other room. So any weird squiggly noise you hear on this is him playing the drum machine, and then Sampha says, 'What the fuck is that?' in the middle of the song. That's cause he was in the dark, in the middle of the night, and he was hearing these weird noises going on. And we kept that, you can hear that in the song."