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    Arca - "Thievery"

    Director: Jesse Kanda

    We first saw the visuals for Arca's "Thievery" video at a show he did in San Francisco with Total Freedom. His visual collaborator (and flatmate, apparently), Jesse Kanda, did live film sequencing during the show, and it was a twisted, mesmerizing experience that flipped between groups of dancers, naked men, open mouths, scary babies, and more.

    The video for "Thievery," from Arca's forthcoming album on Mute, Xen, couldn't come at a better time. Just when we've gotten an overload of ass-bending, shaking, and twerking music videos, Arca inverts it all in the form of a computer-generated dancer doing a lot of the same moves but with a lot less embellishing.