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    AC/DC - If You Want Blood You’ve Got It

    For a band with such a huge live rep, AC/DC has put out surprisingly few live albums; just three in a 40-year career. Perhaps that’s because they nailed it the first time out. Recorded on the 1978 Powerage tour and released that same year, this nicely sums up the band’s early Bon Scott years, an era many argue is superior to their work with sound-alike lead singer Brian Johnson following Scott’s death from alcohol poisoning in 1980. Drawing from their first four albums, If You Want Blood You’ve Got It captures the manic euphoria of the band’s live sets.

    Sure, you don’t get to see Angus Young charging around the stage in his schoolboy outfit or Scott’s randy stage presence, but everything else is there; AC/DC’s engine of a rhythm section, Scott’s menacing wail, Young’s wild yet precise leads. The whole thing comes to a climax with the showstopper “Let There Be Rock.” The band recorded the song for their studio album of the same name but it was clearly meant for the stage; it’s a beast, an exercise in tension and release that reimagines creation as having occurred solely to create rock and roll. The band drops out entirely for a solo from Young so captivating the audience claps along, then everyone returns for a roaring finish.