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    Paul Simon - Concert In The Park

    In 1981, Simon and Garfunkel drew an incredible half a million people to New York City’s Central Park by reuniting to play a benefit concert for the park itself. Ten years later, Paul Simon decided to repeat this feat alone (continuing a pattern of Simon making moves to demonstrate he could be as successful in any venture without Art Garfunkel), the result being this double-disc set drawing from Simon’s recent smash albums Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints, as well as his earlier material—including some of the duo’s hits.

    The emphasis on his recent albums is immediately clear as Simon begins the proceedings with his recent hit, the heavily percussive “Obvious Child.” Simon may be playing the park here without his famous partner but he’s certainly not going it alone; he’s backed by 17 musicians—even joined by Chevy Chase for “You Can Call Me Al.” The crowd is with Simon for his new songs but particularly appreciative of his old ones; they cheer in recognition at just the opening three chords of “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.”