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    You look up pictures of a venue before a show so you can plan where you stand.

    There was a time when someone would text me, "Meet me at the bar on Spring and Bowery," and I'd go, no questions asked. I didn't need to know what the vibe was like, what light appetizers they had, if the A.C. would be on and if so, if it would be cold enough that I'd need a light jacket.

    Now, I need deets because I'm past the point in my life where surprises are cute, especially when it comes to my concert viewing experience. I don't want to walk in and find out I've just entered a time machine and I'm suddenly back in a club from the '80s, complete with a fog machine and disco ball. I want to know where the closest bathroom is, where the bar is, and where the closest exit is. I mean, just last week I called a venue I was unfamiliar with to see if they had SEATING. I'm 26. I don't need to sit, but after a long day when my feet are hurting and maybe I'm a little dehydrated because I didn't drink enough water, I like to know I at least have the option.