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    Moon Bounce - "Body"

    Moon Bounce's "Body" is the latest track to be featured on Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs series. As the title of the song may suggest, the song is about carnal desire. Says Moon Bounce: "I wrote this song to celebrate my lady’s body and worship carnal desire. It’s my raunchiest song to date, but also the purest. I didn’t attempt to tackle any complex emotional themes, I just wanted to praise my woman!"

    From Ryan Hemsworth: "shouts to my dood noah breakfast for putting me onto moon bounce. MB is such a strong example of what i've been seeing as the next evolution of the producer -- morphing into the singer-songwriter. it's really all coming full circle. these are kids who grew up learning guitar, drums, and then naturally just relying on computers. but that cycle is coming back around again. the producer - not even the *DJ* now - but the sitting-in-their-mom's-basement producer is comfortable being the frontman; singing, writing real songs about real things. moon bounce is like a secret weapon within this new movement, but he probably won't be secret for much longer."