There was a lot of stuff in 2014 that we loved (see here, here, here, and here). But there was also a lot of stuff that made us cringe, sigh, SMDH, jump out a window, and want to give up. And for that, we’re glad 2014 is almost over.

Lil Wayne publicly called out Birdman and said he doesn’t want to be a part of Cash Money Records anymore. Now every time we see GIFs like this one, we feel conflicted.


Iggy Azalea dominated 2014. Her success sparked conversations about race, gender, hip-hop, and the music industry. It also triggered a question that we asked ourselves a million times: “Ugh, what did we do to deserve this?”


U2 forced a new album down our throats. We’re still nauseous.


We get it, it’s cute. But now instead of showing performances during award shows, the cameras all focus on Taylor Swift in the audience, and we have to watch this:


The Frozen soundtrack was the top-selling album of 2014, proving that good music is still alive! Just kidding, it proves that we just want catchy, childish music that makes us feel better about our meaningless, sterile lives. While I was doing my Christmas shopping I passed a crowd of teenagers singing “Let It Go” while skipping through the mall and instead of getting the usual gifts (candles), I bought my entire family Chinese water torture kits for Christmas. Happy holidays.


While we waited on new Jai Paul music, he was like…


Creed’s Scott Stapp absolutely lost it and we can’t even make fun of Creed anymore because it’s just sad.


It seemed like just yesterday, we were introduced to this cocky NY kid with a hit song and a lot of hype. Now he’s facing a lot of years behind bars, and the hat memes just aren’t as funny.


Death Grips called it quits. The world seems a little more boring.


According to iTunes, 2014 was the year of Pharrell’s “Happy.” Not sure about you guys, but to us, 2014 in America didn’t feel like a very happy year. We’re thankful that Pharrell was able to spread a little joy through music, but singing along to this just doesn’t feel right.


Just when FKA twigs began to get mainstream attention, she started getting harassed by racist assholes. Now when we look at GIFs like this, instead of looking artsy and serious, twigs looks sad. Sorry, twigs, the world still sucks in 2014.


For some reason this troll kept making the news for talking shit. Can we just ignore him in 2015?


Last year Robin Thicke had the song of the summer with his unavoidable “Blurred Lines.” This summer, things were a little different. Thicke released a flop of an album Paula in an attempt to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton, who filed for divorce from the singer earlier this year. It may sound sweet, but Thicke was so tacky and in-your-face, it was actually really weird and pathetic.


Kanye’s new album was scheduled to get released by the end of the year, but it never did. The croissant memes are getting old.


Yep, it’s official: this year sucked. RIP, 2014.