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    Jimmy Napes

    Jimmy Napes is an incredibly talented songwriter, that much is absolutely indisputable. But if he's so talented, why are we only just getting to know him? Well, from 2012 up until very recently, Napes has been working behind the scenes, songwriting with Disclosure and Sam Smith on their respective debut albums, which even led to writing sessions with Mary J. Blige and Nile Rodgers.

    Jimmy Napes, the man who helped write huge hits like "Latch" and "Stay With Me," is releasing his debut EP The Making of Me on March 9, and it looks as if he'll be putting his hook writing skills and his contacts to good use. The first single, "Give It Up," is produced by Howard Lawrence of Disclosure, and boasts a lowkey catchy hook that you'll be humming without even realizing what song it comes from. It's early days, but if his resume is anything to go by, Napes could have a breakout 2015.