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    Berkeley’s Caleborate lets raw emotion pour through his lyrics and he’s about as honest and real as a young rapper can be. His recently released Winter Break EP was written and recorded entirely on his last winter break from college and you just get the feeling that dude had so much to say bottled up, that he couldn’t wait any longer to let it out on an album.

    Winter Break was released on his own label, TBKTR, and Cal explains how the name came about. “People who didn’t know my name would just refer to me as ‘that black kid that raps’ so i just ran with it. TBKTR.” His rhymes are confident and relaxed, dropping smooth and conscious gems like, “Nigga know yo craft/ nigga know yo worth/ nigga know you Godly, but stay down to Earth,” on “Vibes.”

    He’s the son of a Broadway playwright and his brother is an R&B songwriter, but he stays humble when asked what makes his style different: “I’m never afraid to expose myself to art that I haven’t seen or haven’t done.”