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    Jay Stone

    Oakland’s Jay Stone comes across like he’s the next rapper you’re going to hear on Adult Swim. Part of that comes from the whimsically tropical beats of LA-based producer Monster Rally, with whom he dropped the collaborative Foreign Pedestrians EP on Gold Robot Records. Stone fills the bars on Rally’s often jazzy rhythms with quips like, “Look good on paper like Malone and Shaq/Do me a favor, leave me alone, I’m tryna relax.”

    “Jay is complex, a mile a minute on the track,” Monster Rally, who comes from the Madlib school of beat conducting, boasts of his creative foil. Stone is the type of rapper that makes you hang on every word and notice a different nuance on every spin. He pokes fun at Bay area tech-boom delicacies and spits, “Eatin’ cannabis soufflé/ sippin on an IPA/ I’m the pharaoh of the Bay," on “Cognac” and shows that he’s got a lot more flows in the bank on just about every bar on Foreign Pedestrians.