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    If you like Kwabs, listen to Leks Rivers

    When we first got familiar with Kwabs, the standout quality was his guttural, powerful voice, which he put to great use singing over bass-heavy electronics to create emotionally charged modern soul songs. As he's worked with new producers and added more of a studio polish to his music, Kwabs has also started making more out-and-out pop songs, but these are kept grounded by his soulful vocals.

    Leks Rivers has the big pop choruses perfected already, and the powerful voice to match, but his songs also burst with creativity and the rough edge that comes from doing things totally DIY, at least so far. The talent is clearly there, and we can't wait to see what Leks will do given a bit of time and the chance to work with the right people.

    Read more about Leks here.