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    Death Grips - "Centuries of Damn"

    What can be said of Death Grips at this point? They're so unpredictable that they've ironically become predictable in a weird sense, at least when it comes to everything but the music, anyway. We've had countless semi-reinventions of their sound since their inception, with huge hooks characterizing their music one moment and impenetrable barrages of cold sound describing their output perfectly the next. Jenny Death represents another slight shift in that guitars are featured prominently, and so is Zach Hill's brutal drumming. This might not seem like a big deal to casual fans of the band, but it makes the record stand out in their already stellar discography as their most human sounding record.

    "Centuries of Damn" and the previously shared "On GP" are perhaps the best examples of this reinvigorated sound: the lyrics are a lot more personal, and the sounds a lot more organic. This sounds like the man behind MC Ride cracking, shining through above the distinctively organic instrumentation in a way Death Grips' previous releases didn't really allow. It feels like the logical conclusion to their musical output, but it's not hard to imagine them pushing themselves further even yet. Either way, it's been a pleasure, Stefan.—Joe Price