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    Grimes and Bleachers - "Entropy"

    I'm usually a fan of Grimes at her weirdest. I loved the most bizarre cuts of Halfaxa. I think "Eight" is one of the most interesting songs she's ever made, while "Go" felt boring. This was the Grimes I thought I loved, constantly wary of anything that delved too far into the "pop" world. But then she goes and drops "Entropy."

    This track isn't even like the electro-pop so many heralded on Visions. This is that sugary pop that's perfect for movie and TV soundtracks (which is exactly where it landed). This is a Grimes I could play for my mom and she'd "get it." Instead of distorting her vocals and hiding them in layers of synths and electronic flourishes, they take center stage, floating over catchy guitar riffs. It's not a side of Grimes we hear often at, but it sure is enjoyable.—Katie K.

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