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    If you like Shlohmo, listen to Jagā

    Ever find yourself on deadline/studying in the wee hours, struggling to stay awake despite the copious amounts of caffeine and study drugs coursing through your bloodstream? Your eyelids are taped open with duct tape, there's a strange buzzing in your ears, there's a feral cat mewing outside your window—we've all been there.

    Anyway, you're in need of aural stimulation to keep going, so you turn to the usual purveyor of late night companionship and inspiration, Shlohmo. But you've listened to Shlohmo a lot, maybe even too much, and the familiarity of the tracks is inducing sleep.

    Enter Jagā and his "ghost peppers," a funky, sly nighttime track sure to pique your interest and get your synapses firing, all but guaranteeing a pre-sunrise bedtime.