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    Childish Gambino has been a major advocate of coding over the past couple years. In a 2014 cover story for Complex, he said, "Coding is a beautiful thing. If there is a God, he definitely codes. There are fail-safes in the world. That’s code. I don’t want young black kids to aspire to be rappers or ballers. Even lawyers and doctors—those are service positions. I want them to be coders. They can make their own worlds then. They don’t need anybody else." He's got a point.

    For an artist, learning how to code early on will provide a distinct advantage. Remember when Raury released Indigo Child through an online video game? Or when Mac Miller made you make him a sandwich to download Faces? People love new and fun ways to interact with the internet. Code is just one more way you can reach them. Most artists eventually hire an expert to take over the tech, but being self-sufficient from the start can put you way ahead of the competition.