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    Create interesting content

    Amir Abbassy: "We've all seen the behind-the-scenes studio sessions and the typical music videos with you rapping on the street. How about something different? Young artists should look for new ways to convey their message through their content and not be afraid to try something new."

    Take advantage of the internet—not just as a way of promoting your music, but as a way of creating a world for that music to live in. Not sure where to start? Look at what artists like Childish Gambino (hidden content online, deep stories tied to the music, concept videos) and Kevin Abstract (live streams, interactive projects with fans, essays, a constantly morphing website) have done. There's plenty of room to get creative with it, and original content will set you apart from other artists and earn you the kind of fans who are invested on a level deeper than just liking your new single.