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    Develop a sense of fashion

    Unless you can hire someone to pick out your clothes for you (and honestly, who wants to do that?), getting acquainted with fashion can help you out big time. That doesn’t mean you have to be the next Alexander Wang, but it does require understanding your style and how people perceive it.

    We all had that golden moment freshmen year when we looked in a mirror and thought, “Oh God, I look awful.” As an artist, it’s best you have that moment sooner rather than later. Developing a unique style can help set the tone for your music by making for compelling press photos and visually pleasing live performances. Plus, it sets you up to eventually create some original merch that stands out from your typical tour t-shirts.

    Gianni Lee: "Fashion plays a tremendous role in my career as an artist. I am an artist who also runs a clothing brand, so like anyone else I like to experiment. I view fashion as finding my true self and how I want to project my image to the world. A specific look is important because it separates you from the pack. We are in the age of instant gratification, a very visual society that you can capitalize off if you have a dynamic and original look. It can get you features in mags, attention from potential artist you can collaborate with, and even more fans that will eventually digest whatever it is that you are working on."

    [caption id="attachment_510755" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Image via Gianni Lee on Facebook Image via Gianni Lee on Facebook[/caption]