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    Think carefully about your artwork

    HK Covers: "Just be different and unique, it honestly works. Take inspiration from all your idols, put it in a blender and drink that smoothie 'til its empty. For artwork, build with one of your friends that knows their way around design. BUILD, not use and dispose—that doesnt help anyone. The best art comes from working together, when you guys have the vision locked down and packed. Leave the DONDA / All-Black inspired artwork to the pros, it never looks right when its not authentic.

    "Artwork is honestly a part of the song itself. Aside from the vocals and instrumentation + engineering, the artwork ties up the vision and representation of the song itself. Trash art = trash song, that's just how it goes. Im 1000% sure you've listened to a song just off the strength of the artwork. Its science. Invest in a great graphic designer (such as myself!) and get yourself right with the artwork game 'cause its really not a joke anymore in 2015."

    Avis and album artwork act as the face to your online persona. If your face looks like a stretched out .jpeg from a Viper mixtape, you’ll probably lose a big chunk of the audience right there (or forever be stuck with the "internet aesthetic" tag). Either find someone you trust to do it for you, or learn to design yourself, because your image precedes you.