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    Manage expectations

    Amir Abbassy: "Set a goal. You want to be Kanye? Realize Kanye played the cut for over a decade before he became Mr. West. Then it took another decade to become Yeezus. Things take time. Get. That. Chip. Off. Your Shoulder. Anything that comes too easy, isn't real. And anything you put time and effort into, will come back to you."

    In the past decade, we've seen career take-offs speed up to a flash. One day you see something pop up on SoundCloud, and within a few hours it's on every blog. The next week you hear the artist signed a million dollar deal. A few weeks after that, the artist is out on a yacht with Diddy, throwing buckets of gold into the ocean. But don't be fooled—most of the artists that arrive that quickly disappear just as fast. Be real about it, and put in the work. It will be worth it.