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    Be an effective public speaker

    Learning to speak well in public helps you on a few different levels. First, the ability to describe your music without shoving dirty earbuds in someone’s face will take you a long way. Second, when interviewers start calling you up, you’ll be able to do yourself justice. Lastly, it will make you a better live performer.

    The space between songs isn’t just filler. It’s your opportunity to tell stories, make jokes, and connect with the audience. You don’t need to be outgoing and extroverted all the time if that’s not your personality (look at comedians like Demetri Martin and Bo Burnham). Study the way some of your favorite performers carry themselves on stage, the way they interact with the fans and hecklers, and how they capture people’s attention.

    You don't have to be the next Killer Mike, but if your plans involve being on stages and connecting with people on a deep level, think about what message you want to get across and how you can deliver that message. What do you stand for? What do you want your fans to walk away thinking about after you've captured their attention?