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    Talk directly to your fans

    Amir Abbassy: "With so many forms of social media and communication, there is no reason for artists not to be talking directly to the people that love and support them. Forget relying on blogs or media coverage to build a profile, create a conversation with your fans by yourself. Use social media, physical events and other strategies to put your message in front of the people that want to hear it, instead of having it get lost in the endless sea of content which is the internet. And don't just tweet your SoundCloud link, actually have a conversation with people and see what is on their mind on a day to day basis."

    This will always pay off. Establishing a direct connection with your fans can be the difference between forming a casual, fickle fan bases and a hardcore one. In order to win over the kind of fans who will buy tickets to your show every time you're in town, spread the word on all your new music, and stay loyal no matter what route you take, you need to establish that direct connection.

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