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    Make memorable music videos

    Music videos give you an opportunity to stand out and really make your mark, so take an active role in their creation. Artists like FKA twigs focus as much on their videos as the music they accompany, and it pays off—each time a new video is released it is an event. Even if you don't direct your videos as twigs has done, you should still try and be as involved in each step of the process as possible.

    Check out this video from Kevin Abstract, for example. The Mac power-up sequence at the beginning and edited distortion at 2:20 and throughout build on the motifs that you see all throughout his album art, social media, and lyrics.

    Next time you come across a movie or TV show you really like, think about what decisions the director and camera operator are making. If you're looking into video editing software, we recommend the tried-and-true Adobe Premiere for PC or Final Cut Pro for Mac. There are lots of great YouTube and other online tutorials that should help you get you started, but it's up to you to put in the work.