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    From: Carly Rae Jepsen Subject: Call me, maybe?

    Hi, it's Carly. Sorry about the subject line—I couldn't resist! It's funny how long I've been using that joke, and it just never gets old. I just wish it wasn't my only joke, you know? Like, I'm just that "Call Me Maybe" girl and I can't do anything else. I'm so sick of it. I fucking hate that song. I hate telling the same joke, and I hate pretending that I'm a bubbly pop singer!

    This next album, I'm going dark. Real dark. I loved Yeezus and I wanted to know if you'd executive produce this next album of mine. If not, all good—if it doesn't work out I'll probably just get Dev Hynes and do some cute '80s stuff. :)

    Sorry if this was too forward. I know that, like, I just met you... and this is craaazy...

    LOL just kidding just kidding (save me)

    Carly, out!