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    Hip-hop began as a regional phenomenon. From the South Bronx to Compton, rap music came from people describing their immediate surroundings and daily struggle in intense detail. Back in the late '80s and early '90s, a rapper's origins could be figured out by his cadence or specific production. L.A. had Dr. Dre's gangsta whine, Atlanta planted their flag with snap and crunk music, and Chicago drill has dominated the city's recent rap scene.

    But while rap has risen to its global status by relating the gritty realities of urban American life, now the world has a hold of it. A world run through the social media. Rap music has become a melting pot, and young artists can find inspiration in the flagless continent of the internet. That hometown experience will always—should always—play a part, but it's no longer a prerequisite to become equated with your birthplace. Here are ten rappers redefining their hometown sound in 2015.