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    When GoldLink brought his future bounce to the table, it represented the beginning of a new rap chapter for the DMV. The God Complex was the musical equivalent of a kung-fu movie: beautiful, chaotic, and intensely focused.

    He was raised in a region once ruled by Go-Go music (and Wale), a syncopated sound heavy on alternative percussion like cowbells and congas.

    GoldLink took that pots-and-pans swing and updated it for the internet age by speeding it up, adding a bevy of electronic synths, and unleashing a firestorm of tongue twisters detailing his sexual conquests. The acoustic qualities of Go-Go were gone, but the rhythm remained. But the update also included some new additions.

    GoldLink drew upon East Coast influences like New York's Big L and Philadelphia's Kurupt. He's also had heavy experience with dance producers like Sango & Kaytranada, and he toured with SBTRKT last fall. By blurring these lines between hip-hop and dance music without sacrificing profound lyrical content, GoldLink is pushing the DMV forward.