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    By Confusion, Constant Gardner, Graham Corrigan, Joe Price, Alex Siber, Katie K, and Adrienne Black 

    The new artists turning heads in 2015 aren't always content to learn and grow in their predecessors' shadows. Sure, everyone has their influences, but the increasingly enticing choice to stay independent and release music direct to fans on the internet has allowed emerging talents to take chances and trust intuition more often than a label may have allowed.

    Take Jazz Cartier, the Toronto rapper who sounds like the antithesis of Drake. Or Goodbye Tomorrow, the vindictive rap mystery seemingly intent on forgoing fame in favor of the message. Bitter label disputes over streaming royalties have pulled back the industry curtain in 2015, and images of mainstream success have soured as a result.

    These new freedoms have created some new stories and reaffirmed some old standards: While Demo Taped has spread refreshing electro-pop over Atlanta's rap-heavy landscape, Sweden has maintained a firm grip on the pop world with acts like Tove Styrke. The internet artist is a musician free to try anything, and we're all reaping the benefits. Here are the best new artists of 2015 (so far).