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    A group of young artists coming together to make R&B or hip-hop isn't exactly a novel idea in 2015, but Brockhampton aren't interested in repeating what's already been done. Foregoing the collective tag in favor of being labeled as a boy band, the group of singers, rappers, producers, and visual artists made waves last year thanks to the phenomenal debut album from Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton's figurehead. Combining their disparate talents into a cohesive whole, they really are looking to make a mark this year.

    Whether it's the impassioned verses of Ameer Vann and Matt Champion, or the slick production from Romil and Bear//Face, no one in Brockhampton is a weak link. We only have a few tracks from them as a group so far, but these tracks alone promise a bright future. They might have a more unified and polished aesthetic, but they bring to mind the type of excitement Odd Future were capable of evoking when they first materialized. It feels as if we're watching the early stages of something special with Brockhampton.