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    Dylan Brady

    Around two years ago, half of the internet was discussing whether Yung Lean’s music was genuine or not. Millions of plays later, it seems that people have either given up trying to decipher the young Swede’s bizarre aesthetic, or they've come to terms with the fact that it doesn't really matter. Yung Lean is proof that confusing your audience just as much as entertaining them can elevate what was otherwise an innocuous subversion of norms into a feverish cult of grand proportions.

    While Missouri-based musician Dylan Brady doesn't pile on the is-it-irony aesthetic as heavily as Yung Lean, there are some interesting parallels to be made in his music and how he presents it. The flashes of peculiarity are shared across the music by both artists, and their sounds aren't all that far removed from one another, but it’s how the internet is obviously important for both of the young artists that really ties them together.

    But that’s really where the similarities between Yung Lean and Dylan Brady end. While Lean chose to rap about being sad, the emotions he was portraying alongside his Arizona endorsements never exactly felt sincere. Lean's music isn't a joke, but a lot of its content is. There’s a weird smile-inducer or two on Dylan’s debut, All I Ever Wanted, but everything about the album is very real despite it possessing so many fantastical qualities. It might not be the most polished debut of the year, but it's definitely one of the most unique and striking.