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    Kaya, not to be confused with Okay Kaya who is also on this list, has been keeping fairly mysterious so far, uploading songs to her Soundcloud sporadically and with only a tumblr for us to get to know her. From it we've learned that she's from California, but not much else, and maybe it's best that way, because her gorgeous, still raw songs tell us everything we need to know.

    On songs like "i don't know what i'm doing anymore" and "Night time," kaya sings over simple piano, telling dark tales and delivering memorable phrases like:

    "i used to know this girl from school a pretty face and yellow curls she smiled one day and said im done then next day was a funeral"

    Comparisons can be drawn to early Lana Del Rey songs, but Kaya is certainly putting her own unique spin on moody singer/songwriter pop music, her untitled collaboration with producer blank body showing that she has an ear for beats that complement her vocals. Kaya is still raw, but seems like a true talent for the future.