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    Alessia Cara - "Here"

    It’s impossible to count how many songs are about partying and having a great time. Especially around summer, we're flooded with testaments to booze, sun, sweat, and the miracle of friendship. Sure, the summer months bring everybody outside to bump and grind on rooftops and boat decks, but every party has the few friends staring at their phones just waiting for the time to go home.

    Those friends rarely get songs written about them—until now. Alessia Cara’s debut single “Here” may be about feeling alone in a sea of extroverts, but the success of her first single has proven quite the opposite. While many people’s idea of a great night may be partying until the sun comes up, some of us would define a great night as being home, ordering pizza and settling down with the one true bae: Netflix.—Adrienne Black