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    Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - "Familiar"

    The best song on one of the most flat-out fun albums of the year came from a strange mixture of tastes and sound. But of course, nothing on Surf really follows convention.

    "Familiar" features verses from Chance The Rapper, Quavo of Migos, and King Louie. Each rapper takes the song in a different direction, but it all lives in such a funkadelic frame that the three styles come together like a theatrical performance: three acts, three flows, three wins. If that feels like a corny simile, then I suggest you spend more time with Surf. The album, like "Familiar," takes cornballing all the way back around to cool.

    Acting as the song's closer, Quavo steals the show with a set of melodic bars Auto-Tuned to perfection. If you don't walk away from this one smiling, seek help.—Graham Corrigan