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    Drake - "Know Yourself"

    If you ever want to understand the impact Drake has on music today, If You're Reading This It's Too Late should be your textbook.

    Though the mixtape (album? EP?) dropped unannounced and seemingly out of nowhere, it didn't take long before social media was flooded with lyrics, thoughts, and reviews of the project. It seemed as if everyone wanted—no, needed—to hear it and form an opinion on it in order to remain culturally relevant.

    And if IYRTITL is your textbook, then "Know Yourself" must be its most important chapter. The track, which finds Drake "thinkin' bout money and women like 24/7," is 2015's ultimate soundtrack to the turn-up. It gave us the beat to mob to, the hook to shout in the club, and an entirely new definition of "woes." If that isn't influence, then I don't know what is.—Katie K.