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    Lianne La Havas - "Unstoppable"

    A song's title can shape listener perception before the music even starts. A title like “Unstoppable” raises assumptions of a big, strong song filled with confidence. Which it is—but the way Lianne La Havas went communicating that power isn't what you'd expect. Being unstoppable isn't just about feeling powerful; it's about being so happy that nothing can bring her down.

    Everything about Lianne La Havas’ lead single from her forthcoming album Blood feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air. If great dreams had a specific soundtrack, I’m sure it would sound something like “Unstoppable.” The instrumentation is as light, airy, and effortless as Lianne’s own voice. It’s nearly impossible to not join in with her euphoria while listening to this song. It’s an instant pick-me-up that deserves to be replayed until you get on Lianne's level.—Adrienne Black