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    Lucki Eck$ ft. Chance The Rapper - "Stevie Wonder"

    Cross a cup of Chance The Rapper with the strained remains of a druggy Lucki Eck$. Add a pinch of synths from Young Chop and season with Plu2o Nash, and you've made “Stevie Wonder.” The meeting-of-the-minds moment for some of Chicago’s finest transpires where the sun is nowhere to be found, and the occipital lobe is obsolete.

    It's an ominous setting and a change of pace: these are two rappers who normally finish their work with colorful strokes. Together, they maneuver a world that’s black and grey. Eck$ snarls and croaks out his drug-addled lyrics. Chance is a fox in the night, nimbly rapping his best verse of the past year by bringing us along as he squeezes through claustrophobic crawlspaces. The sum of the song’s parts is unsettling, addictive, and impossible to ignore.—Alex Siber