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    Pete Doherty - "Flags of the Old Regime"

    It sucks to admit it, but sometimes artists at their lowest points personally make the best art. Not always, but it's certainly the case with many of the greats who have dealt with depression, drugs, and heartbreak.

    For as long as we've known about Pete Doherty—friend of Amy Winehouse, leader of The Libertines, and one of England's most reckless rockstars—we've known him as a loose cannon, heavy into drugs and surrounded by conflict and self-destruction.

    Doherty went to rehab in Thailand at the end of last year, and he's been surprisingly quiet. No headlines, no drama, and it sounds like he's in a good place. What will this mean for his music?

    "Flags of the Old Regime" was the first song he released post-rehab, and it is a tribute to Amy Winehouse, with all proceeds going to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. It's Doherty in top form, with powerful songwriting, poetic lyricism, and a gorgeous strings section. With Doherty working on bettering himself personally and still making music this good, it's a rare win-win situation for a legendary rock star.—Confusion