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    Stormzy - "Know Me From"

    Let's assume most of us are more similar than disparate. Let's also assume Pixar's latest film, Inside Out, accurately depicts what occurs within our noggins as we navigate life. Holding both factors constant, we should see a common reaction to Stormzy's sparsely produced, aggressively rapped grime single, "Know Me From": uncontrollable pandemonium in the best way, with those adorable emotional sailor creatures running amuck between our ears. This is angst in its purest musical form.

    Along with Skepta and Novelist, Stormzy was among the blessed, black-clothed artists to grace the Brits Awards stage for Kanye's fire-filled performance of "All Day." All he needs is an upward trajectory to ensure an easy answer from fans when he repeatedly asks the question that birthed this song's name.—Alex Siber