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    Vince Staples - "Señorita"

    A tatted mass of muscle with the face of a mercenary leads an ever-diminishing flock of followers from one end of a neighborhood to another in the unnerving visuals for Vince Staples’ “Senorita.” The video is powerful and disturbing enough on its own, due to the dozens of dropping bodies and its chilling, satirical conclusion that could inspire a Twilight Zone reboot, but the song itself is equally strong.

    The reworked Future sample brings a naked urgency to the hook, lifeless piano loops set a haunting tone throughout, and Staples' action-packed verses illustrate the very real bleakness of his neighborhood’s day-to-day. If the rest of the rapper’s approaching debut, Summertime ‘06, even comes close to this track’s quality, the West Coast might have another great on its hands.—Alex Siber