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    Young Thug ft. Birdman - "Constantly Hating"

    Part of Young Thug’s brilliance lies in his ability to command any track he’s on. This is due in part to his natural cadence, spastic and unusual. It’s an immediate jolt of electricity on any song.

    But it also comes from the fact that Thug is a character. He knows what to say, how to say it, and when to say it in a way that will make people pay attention. This has been the Thug we know and have come to love (or love to hate) for the last few years.

    But then you get a track like “Constantly Hating.” Here, Thug chooses to, ironically, deliver one of his strongest messages (i.e. “fuck the haters, I don’t like you either”) in one of his most calm and subtle deliveries. Everything, from the beat to his tone, is relaxed and soothing, as he vents about being disliked. It’s a total switch-up, showcasing once again that just when you think you’ve figured Thug out, he surprises you.—Katie K.