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    Don't buy followers.

    Never say never, unless you’re on the brink of purchasing followers. This is known as phoniness and phonies are universally disliked. Invest in plastics or buy a bunch of whoppers from Burger King or do literally anything else with your money. Please.

    Appearances are everything in the entertainment business, a prerequisite to survive. But two things tend to occur when an artist buys supporters that don’t exist: interactions fail to reflect the thousands of followers the account suggests he or she has, which makes both everyday users and industry insiders suspicious, and their situation doesn't change in any meaningful way.

    Imaginary friends will not stream your album, download your song, purchase your project, cop tour tickets, order merch, or provide intrinsic, emotional satisfaction. Gaining living, breathing fans takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Just remember one real person who loves what you do is worth more than a hundred bots lacking a pulse.