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    Do share your personal life.

    Pusha T’s dog and Drake’s dad have Instagram accounts. Before you laugh, CJ Thornton and Dennis Graham get more engagement on one Instagram post than your band probably gets in a year. As creepy as it sounds, your fans want to feel like they’re an intimate part of your life.

    If you’ve ever listened to Pusha T, you most likely understand how cruel and unforgiving he could seem from his music. Watching King Push’s love for CJ Thornton, however, gives the Virginia MC a much-needed dose of humanity. Similarly, watching Dennis Graham stunt on the Gram gives Drake fans another peek at where Aubrey gets his undeniable charm.

    Any new artist would do well to learn that people won't always care about what you have to say, but add a cute puppy or a goofy parent to the mix and you’ve basically won the internet.

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