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    Don't post about your new song, video, and tour every 5 minutes

    There is a fine line between social media and whoring. Your music shouldn’t be working the corner 9 to 5 looking for a retweet, favorite, like, comment, or reblog. Treat your newest song, video, tour, or major announcement like a delicate flower; its beautiful and won’t stand up to the brutality of the elements. In basic terms, put your music out there and see what happens.

    Updating your audience about your latest banger once a week is better than once every other hour. Social media is way better at communicating your life then promoting it. Fans want to see what’s behind the music, not be told to listen to it.

    Artists like Grimes and Tyler, the Creator are perfect examples of musicians that have used their emotionally vulnerable and wry humor to give fans another access to their art. This type of connection means more than simply selling your art as a product.