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    Youth Lagoon - "The Knower"

    Trevor Powers (better known as Youth Lagoon) has a voice unlike any other. His quavering high notes hover just below shrillness, transmitting a vulnerability that echoes through to his lyrics. His voice maneuvers space as a small animal would crevices, poking through the dark in search of shelter. His best songs—like “The Knower,” our first glimpse of his third album—act as something accidentally stumbled upon. They’re treasures that, at times, feel as if they weren’t meant for our ears. Most aim for accessibility and pursue trends to achieve it. Youth Lagoon acquires fans by creating what was previously unheard.

    On "The Knower," he tackles the common hypocrisies of mankind with PSA lyrics: “Everybody wants to think they’re not what they ate, that their body’s great.” Whether you love or hate this lead single, you can't ignore it. Powers’ chilling delivery and concluding trumpet flourishes make for one hell of a return to form.Alex Siber