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    CHVRCHES - "Leave a Trace"

    Speaking on their new album, CHVRCHES' synth player Martin Doherty explained: “After making one record that people really like, some bands reject the things that everyone liked about them and make some really deep, thoughtful, dark record, but I wanted to avoid making a ‘mature’ album. That said, it’s not like we’re making saccharine shite. There’s important lyrical content, and we’re still pushing the same emotional boundaries, but also trying to make it as accessible as possible.”

    "Leave A Trace" accomplishes that goal perfectly. The pop songwriting is top notch, and I'm thankful that this Scottish trio isn't veering from what made them so good in the first place. When it comes to synth-heavy pop music, CHVRCHES is still the best doing it. Their second album, Every Open Eye, comes out on September 25.—Confusion