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    Drake - "Back To Back"

    Where to begin. After just under a week of this beef between Meek and Toronto's overlord with politicians in his pocket (shout out Norm), the latter disposed of his newfound nemesis like a burger patty gone bad with a caption-less IG post (pictured above). Each rapper's handling of the power scuffle, rooted in nixed loyalty and integrity, proves a thing or two. Most important is Drake standing his ground. A story that threatened to cripple his legacy more than any past challenge instead reaffirmed his place atop the pyramid.

    "Back To Back" lags in spots, I'll admit, but its overall structure is formed after sleek, efficient, merciless artillery. Intelligible raps that strike hard and cut deep follow a strong start. A concluding reminder that the year's biggest album, Views From The 6, looms overhead makes for another OVO win. Hell, even the "B2B" artwork stunts on that of Mill's disappointing response, "Wanna Know." He may be a singer and a pop star, but Drake's not about to let a major threat go unaddressed. —Alex Siber