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    Goodbye Tomorrow ft. Lil Herb - "NoOne or NoThing"

    Fortune and fame change you, or so we've been told. Goodbye Tomorrow have heard the stories. It's a hip-hop trope that dates back decades. A Drake remix will have you curving people who once received your attention in no time. Label deals might lead to skipping out on your beloved bodega. Instead, quick pitstops at Whole Foods to drop a Jackson on granola become common occurrences. Horrible jokes aside, priorities can shift and moral compasses very easily begin to fall out of whack.

    "NoOne or NoThing" sees Tomorrow, whose members remain identity-less, offering a hand to Lil Herb. The fellow Chicago rapper takes it, aiding the cryptic act in its denouncement of phoniness while stressing a need to stay alert for the f*ckbois that always lurk as the good ones keep it moving. The soundscape, constantly changing gears, is attractive though aggressive at moments, and the raps ring with defiance. All parties involved here have remained the same in pursuit of a dream. Clap for 'em.—Alex Siber