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    HEALTH - "Men Today"

    It's been a very long six years since HEALTH's fantastic GET COLOR came out, and yet, "Men Today" is the type of track that makes it seem like they were never gone. Those spectral vocals, pounding drums, crushing electronics, and gorgeous guitars come together like an impassioned announcement of their triumphant return.

    This doesn't have the pop-sheen of "Stonefist" or the glossy stop-start grandiosity of "New Coke," and that's why it feels like the four-piece's true return. Their new-found love for pop and melody is incredible in its own right, but there's something about the all-out explosion of sound on "Men Today" that proves how unique a band HEALTH really are.

    No one can combine animalistic brutality with sci-fi futurism as well as HEALTH, and "Men Today" is proof of that.—Joe Price